Sunday, November 14, 2010

Modern Technology Has Reached Us... more hand work...well, at least much less. After four winters in Lapland we thought it's time to modernize our method of clearing our land from snow. ;-)

While our neighbours use snow clearers such as the ATV or snowblower we shoveled snow by hand. No problem with a few cms maybe but if we get 30-50cm of fresh snow in only 24 hours it can be very exhausting. Especially if you have a long entrance...

So Jan did some handicrafts and the result is that we have a walking tractor with a snow blade now. Isn't that cool? ;o)

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Ewa said...

Gotta love technology. We used to live in Massachusetts in snow belt area. There was no way we could clear our snow with a shovel alone. Now in San Francisco Bay Areal we don't have to worry and when we miss snow, we hop to the mountains a couple of hours away. We miss snow often but not enough to shovel.


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