Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Early Spring

After an unspectacular spring-winter (the fifth season in Lapland) this year we are lucky to experience a fantastic and -for Lapland standards- warm April so far. A couple of days ago we had temperatures of up to 25°C (!) in the sun (ok, 13°C in the shade but that's still warm!;o) with wonderful views over the Pite river (PiteƤlven).
Big chunks of ice breaking off the edges. Pretty spectacular to watch actually...
...first insects come for a visit...
Although we have temperatures way over zero during daytime many lakes and rivers are still frozen due to freezing temperatures during the night. Normally this region is snow and ice-free at the end of May but chances are good that we are a couple of weeks ahead this year. That's totally ok for us! ;o)

Last year we had about this amount of snow and ice left in the beginning of May.


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