Friday, November 28, 2014

Morning Walk in Lapland

This morning when walking the dog the sky was coloured in different shades of purple and pink...

...and although it looks kind of cold it was just a fair temperature of -8°C.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Snow, A Happy Child & Snowman

Yesterday, we reported about our Snow Clearing Upgrade. Today was another day of a lot of snow. More snowfall last night means more work for our quad!

Happy man working!

We usually don't like wet snow but it has its advantages, too!

We are building a snowman! :o)

Look, I have a new friend!

There is nothing better than a happy child!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Snow Clearing Upgrade

One of our favorite "hobbies" during winter time is transporting snow to a place in the yard where it bothers least. In our first and second year in Lapland we were crazy (or rather fit) enough to do the shoveling by hand. We still do that a bit but more for clearing in front of our porch.
During the last years Jan used our dear friend, the walking tractor with plow. We still love our friend and haven't completely given up on him as he serves us during the summer for our potatoe land.
So, this winter we have upgraded to using our quad for snow clearing. Jan built a suspension for the plow, installed a winch and we were ready to go!

It was wet snow today that came down, thus very heavy snow. No problem for our King Quad though...

And as it is tradition up here...even the smallest (youngest) have to be there, too!

Who knows... we might become more and more Swedish or norrländsk as people would say here. After all, we have been living here for quite a while now!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

November Days

November is the beginning of winter in Lapland. Although, we get the first snow in October (sometimes even in September) it's a month of melting and freezing taking turns. Almost like autumn doesn't want to let go completely just yet and winter is trying to settle anyway.
From mid November the dark time of the year begins meaning the sun will not come over the horizon until mid January. It doesn't mean that it is completely dark during that time of the year, at least not at the Arctic Circle. We get approx. 5-6hrs of daylight during that time. It's like endless sunrise or sunset feeling. Also, when we have snow it never gets completely dark as the snow reflects every bit of light from the atmosphere and the moon becomes our sun, too! It's a bit like magic really but without the snow it would be pitch dark.

This year we have very little snow so far. Not quite enough for driving snowmobile (although some people cannot wait and drive over the frozen lakes) but enough for sledding!

 Getting tired from pulling the sled...

Sleeping time!

Mommy and daddy enjoying the walk and wintry views...

The E45 covered with snow and ice


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