Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Late sunrise

Days are quite short at the moment in the north of Sweden. Sun rises around 9am and sets at 2pm. That's not too much daylight but you have to experience the magical atmosphere when the sun stays at the horizon for a couple of hours (also see "Endless Sunset Feeling"). This is even more so in December.

That was our sunrise this morning

Monday, November 25, 2013

Janne is back (as FinnJanne)

Yeah, didn't think you'd ever hear from us again, huh? Well, here we are back again after two years of silence. Hope someone missed us after all... :o)

Oh well, various reasons why we stopped blogging for awhile... one of them is this little darling...

 Look a polar baby! ;o)

Finnja has kept us busy for almost a year now. Everything has changed since she joined our world and we haven't been as active in the great outdoors as we used to be. Anyway, we still went on a few nice trips this year to enjoy the stunning views of Lapland!

Here are some impressions for you...

At Malmesjaure in March

Taking a nap on a hiking trip in May

 Lumberjack's baby?

 Hiking in the Swedish mountains (near Adolfstr√∂m)

View from Galtispuoda (Arjeplog's municipality)


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