Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hiking & Canoeing (video)

Finishing our video of the month took a little longer than expected as so much has been going on lately. Despite holiday guests, gardening work, renovating we met some lovely people from southern Sweden and Ukraine. Bless you guys and have a safe journey back home!

So here is our video from July about hiking and canoeing in the Swedish Fjäll (mountains). Enjoy!


Hendrik Morkel said...

Very beautiful video! You had an awesome July by the looks of it!

Anonymous said...

Lovely video! We are coming to sweden on a house hunting trip in Sept, looking around Kramfors and Kalix. Really can't wait to get there now!! Renny

LapplandTimes said...

Thanks for your comments!
@Sarah Poulter (Renny)
Wish you luck on your house hunting trip! For holiday or permanent?


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