Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's Been A While...

... since our last entry... over six months actually... fate has taken a toll on us last summer. Nevertheless, we'll sum up the past months in a few pictures for you.

First in June/July we had a very hot summer here in Lapland at the arctic circle. Followed by a rainy and humid autumn in August/September. Since October we are waiting for winter to come but until today we haven't had much snow despite a few snow flakes here and there. We are still waiting for winter to begin!

Until then we'll show some of our best summer & autumn shots this year.

View from our cabin. Big thundery front approaching. Taken in June.

Storforsen in July. There is a beautiful trail going along the rapids.

Big catch (whitefish) the locals call 'sik'. Very tasty fish! These were caught with a net for our winter stock. You find these fishes only during spring or autumn in our part of the lake when the water is cooler.

And last but not least. Once again a beautiful view over our cabin lake in late September.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Early Spring

After an unspectacular spring-winter (the fifth season in Lapland) this year we are lucky to experience a fantastic and -for Lapland standards- warm April so far. A couple of days ago we had temperatures of up to 25°C (!) in the sun (ok, 13°C in the shade but that's still warm!;o) with wonderful views over the Pite river (PiteƤlven).
Big chunks of ice breaking off the edges. Pretty spectacular to watch actually...
...first insects come for a visit...
Although we have temperatures way over zero during daytime many lakes and rivers are still frozen due to freezing temperatures during the night. Normally this region is snow and ice-free at the end of May but chances are good that we are a couple of weeks ahead this year. That's totally ok for us! ;o)

Last year we had about this amount of snow and ice left in the beginning of May.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Magical Sky

Northern lights!!! Finally.

We've been waiting long for this. The entire winter we weren't very lucky to see many of them but last night should be different. With only -3°C and a strong wind we saw the northern lights quickly changing shapes illuminating the entire sky. It was like magic...lasting for an amazing two hours  or so...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snowshoeing towards midsummer...polar night bye, bye!

The shortest day with approx. two hours between sunrise and sunset and 4-5 hrs of daylight or twilight lays behind us and since a little over week we are heading towards midsummer again. Yes! It might still seem far away but we gain 5-7 minutes each day and we can already now feel the difference. Days are getting longer, which feels very nice.
We went for a few snowshoeing trips lately and before Anne gets the video finished we'll just post a few more pictures here of the beautiful snowy landscape we enjoy at the moment. Temperatures weren't too bad the past days varying between -4 to -14°C. Perfect for winter activities.


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