Monday, August 2, 2010

Boletus Day

Wow! What a day! We've never seen so many and we didn't even look for them - boletus that is. Actually we wanted to go for a walk and swim afterwards but they just smiled at us... one after the other... Anne started collecting and soon Jan got infected and it was the two of us collecting until 2 1/2 bags were full. Now we are convinced that YES it's a good mushroom year!

This is the result after about two hours:
Unfortunately over half of them had worms inside but there were still plenty left for drying. Our winter stock is filling up...


Heather said...

I really need to learn more about mushrooms so I can pick the edible ones! Anne will have to teach me when we go hiking!

these look lovely!

Janne said...

I'd love to do that! Hope we will find some on our tour to enrich our supper meals. ;-)


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