Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Magical Sky

Northern lights!!! Finally.

We've been waiting long for this. The entire winter we weren't very lucky to see many of them but last night should be different. With only -3°C and a strong wind we saw the northern lights quickly changing shapes illuminating the entire sky. It was like magic...lasting for an amazing two hours  or so...


Swedish Freak said...

Wow, you got some amazing pictures! We were in the city, so it wasn't nearly as clear, and they were mostly green... but still freakin amazing! Woot, love Northern Lights!

Tansku said...

Aivan ihana ja kaunis taivaanranta,todella upee revontuli♥,olet saanut hyvin kuvattua tuon!

LapplandTimes said...

@ Tansku
Kiitti!!! Oli ekä kerta että sain revontuli kuvattu.

@Swedish Freak
I saw your blog post Pretty cool stuff! It seems that the entire sky up north was illuminated by northern lights. What a phenomenon!


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