Saturday, December 6, 2014

Polar Night Delight

Have you been to Lapland at this time of the year? Too cold or dark? Actually, polar nights aren't all that bad! On the contrary. They are magical! At least here at the Arctic Circle where it isn't dark the entire day. The light is just fascinating and I wouldn't wanna miss this time of the year!

Although, we are approaching the shortest day with least daylight we still got a few hours of daylight here at the Arctic Circle. The best time to go out is around noon as it's the time of the day with most light.

Today is a clear day and we saw the sun at the horizon for the first time in many days... the pictures below were taken at noon.

Temperature -3°C

We went for a walk on the lake behind our house where they have drawn a track for cross-country skiing and there was plenty of space to walk beside the track. As often there was noone on the lake except us.

 Just lean back and relax...

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Tracy said...

I enjoyed looking through your blog. What fun to pull up stakes and move north! I'd love to do the same - but there is that thing called $$ that holds me back... Anyway, thanks for sharing! Tracy in NJ


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