Sunday, January 26, 2014

Heating system (with wood pellets)

In our last blog post we mentioned the importance of a good heating system at arctic temperatures. We have some pretty cold weeks behind us and temperatures around -10°C at the moment feel warm compared to -30°C before!

Usually, we heat with wood pellets but our system also allows us to heat with wood, oil or electricy. The latter is the most expensive way to heat but handy if we are away for a few days and just keep it on to hold a minimum temperature. Oil used to be the primary heating choice a few decades ago but is more expensive nowadays than wood or wood pellets. Of course there are other methods of heating such as heat pumps or geothermal heating but we do not have these systems installed in our house.

Wood pellets can either be delivered in big sacks (approx. 600kg), small sacks or if you have a huge storage they can even be pumped directly into the house from a truck. We have small sacks, which are being delivered in pallets 800kg each. To 'survive' a winter we need 6-7 pallets resulting in about 5.5 tons of pellets. It does sound like a lot but considering that we have a detached house that needs constant heating from October to May it is not so bad. It still is quite a bit of a job to carry over 300 sacks from our garden into the basement (usually we do this in autumn before the first snow).

We still have a few sacks left...

Our pellet burner

Pellets silo lasting 3-6 days when turned on 24/7...
 ...when it's empty we fill it up with 16kg sacks. Filled up it contains about 130kg of pellets.

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