Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Journey Begins

We are on the road. Finally! Preparations took longer than expected but now we have packed all things together ready to leave for new adventures.

Our first stop at the water power station in Slagnäs (Sweden)
 Still some snow left

Nature is the best playground!

At Strömsund there is hardly any snow left and waters are only covered with a thin layer of ice. At the point that we reach Östersund the landscape is snow and ice-free.

Temperature is around 10°C during daytime. At night around zero. For us, being used to Lapland temperatures this actually feels warm! :o)

Our gas system failed the first two days/nights meaning no cooking or heating possibilities in the caravan. Well, almost...we used our small camping stove instead to have at least a warm meal a day and some hot tea.
Today on Monday we bought a new reducing valve for our gas bottle. Let's hope next night will be cosy warm. Strangely, Finnja slept better than ever during nights and she really enjoys our trip so far. That's great because I must admit I was a bit worried at first.

Ok, I will try to post this entry now while on the road... writing more soon!

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