Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wintery Pictures

Snowy TwigsWe have a few more pictures for you. Basicly it's been a mix of cold nights with the lowest temperature of -15°C, snowfall at around zero and some melting during the daytime.

Frozen Rocks We did a couple of nice walks in the snow so far. No need for snowshoeing just yet but some locals were very eager to start the engines of their snowmobiles for the first time this season.We still have too little snow to drive through the forest and although many lakes are frozen already the ice is still too thin to carry a snowmobile.

Gray DayIf it doesn't snow too much the next days there is a good chance to go skating on a frozen lake.
The lake on the last picture is actually frozen!
Every year around this time Anne goes skating on a frozen lake just before the snow will cover most of the ice for the rest of the winter. Very exciting to go skating on a lake and see stones or grass under the frozen surface.

View over Kakel LakeThe pictures were taken on different days in different locations. For more information click on the pictures.

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