Monday, October 11, 2010

A Trip to Båhttsá

Yesterday, we went outside to enjoy the great outdoors near our cottage. This time we decided to walk in the  close-by Ståkke-Bårgå nature reserve. On our way there we met two reindeer herds. We parked at the end of a forest track and  started off into the wilderness. When we arrived at this beautiful lake called Båhttsá we had this wonderful view with hills of 700-800 meters surrounding it. The wind was a bit chilly though and we had to keep on moving to not get cold.

There is also a trail leading to an old farm at the other side of the lake, which we have walked earlier but this time we wanted to explore the other side of the lake. No trail and thick forest were a bit tricky and we got lost at one point even though we had our map with us. Lesson learnt: Better learn to read a compass to take with next time when walking off the trails.

Next summer we want to go canoeing on this lake.

This time I'll add a short unedited video to end with.:)

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