Friday, October 15, 2010

The Beginning of Winter

It's been a busy week and if you follow us on Twitter you've probably already heard the news about our first snow here in Lapland at the Arctic Circle.

Yesterday, we drove on snowy roads again after about six months of ice-free roads. Luckily we had changed tires just the evening before cuz otherwise it wouldn't have been much fun driving on this snowy road!

First Snow in October (2010)

While yesterday it was grey and windy today was a much brighter day and not wet at all in the inland. We had about -1.5°C during the day with bright sunshine. Perfect conditions to go for a short walk on an island near our winter house and take a few winterly pictures.

Snow on Pine Twigs

Sandy Bank Freezing

The Beginning of Winter

Finally, the winter season has started! Welcome to Lapland!


Fred Rune Rahm said...

Looks nice, but cold. I do not look forward to the winter, but your pictures reminds me the season can be beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing.

Blog of Ice said...

Following the pictures on your blog for only a short while now I am also wondering about the name of our blog. Not sure if our a blog name would justify a move north.

LapplandTimes said...

Yeah, maybe it looks cold but actually it was much better today at -1.5°C here in the inland than a few degrees plus yesterday at the coast. That felt very cold and wet!

You could try!;-)


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