Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sweet and Juicy

Hurray! They made it!

Umm...who made what?

Our black currants and strawberries are ripe!

So what?

What do you mean 'so what'??! We are in Lapland at the arctic circle, remember?!

Right. Show me the berries. I don't believe you.

Yum, yum. They are sooo huge! And sooo sweet... never tasted anything like that!

And look at the strawberries! Don't they look yummy?
Yum,yum...delicious. Gimme more!

Up here you need patience when growing these things in your garden but eventually they'll get there.
Honestly, they are much sweeter than the berries anywhere else in Europe we've tasted so far. Our guests from mid Europe agree. It must be due to the long growth period.

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Jeremy said...

I'm feeling hungry now, having just read your blog and seen all the lovely foods you are catching and preparing!
Thanks for commenting on my blog.


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