Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pleasure Before Work

Yeah, normally the saying goes like this: "Work before pleasure" but this time it's different.

Yesterday, we came back from our wonderful multi-day autumn hiking tour through the Vindelfjäll nature reserve in the Swedish wilderness (report with pictures coming soon!).

Today was back to everyday life, meaning: WORK
As we started with the renovation of our shed in the end of July it was time to continue the work before temperatures won't allow any painting anymore.

In July we started to scrape off the old colour from our shed, which really is one of the most unpopular jobs on earth...

Today at 20°C in the shadow, an unusual warm day for this time of the year in Lapland with bright sunshine we didn't have anything better to do than paint the shed...ummm...well, someone has to do the job... the end of the day the painting job was done... at least on one side... ;-)

After four years in Sweden and each year of renovating our buildings from the outside during the short summer in Lapland we can see a light at the end of the tunnel...

The procedure of renovating our buildings from the outside goes like this:
1. Scraping off the old, loose colour
2. Replace rotten pieces
3. Hose down the scraped area and let dry at least a day before repainting
4. Repainting (we even had to repaint our buildings twice because it's been so long since they were painted the last time)

To keep the amount of work smaller it's recommended to repaint timber buildings every 15-20 years (depending on the quality of the paint). Our buildings haven't been painted in a very long time thus the amount of work.

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