Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hiking at Trollforsen

A week ago we went hiking at Trollforsen. The Trollforsen is part of the Piteälven and an attraction only a few kilometers from our home.

Every year we visit this special place a couple of times with its untamed waters.

Now that autumn is in Lapland and everything is so colourful the place is even more magical.

It looks like the blueberry bilberry bushes are on fire.
The trail leads to an island surrounded by noisy streams.


Anonymous said...

Those Blueberry/Bilberry/Blaeberry bushes are brilliantly red! What great photos. I must get to Lapland!

Mark Roberts said...

Yes - bilberries, not blueberries. I miss Lapland so much at this time of year. Nice to see your photos!

LapplandTimes said...

Thanks guys! What's the difference between bilberry and blueberry? Only heard blueberry so far.

Mark Roberts said...

It's complicated, but there is, if I recall, a goof wikipedia article which goes into detail about everything. The short version is that blueberries don't grow in the wild in (northern?) Europe.

It's shocking, I know.

LapplandTimes said...

LOL! Shocking is a good word!
So if I get it right 'blueberries' are cultivated plants. I thought they always grow wild...
Well, I'm wiser now, I guess. ;-)

I think next time I'll just use the Swedish word blåbär, heh!


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