Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pickled and Smoked Whitefish

A few days ago we wrote about how we begin to fill up our winter stocks with blueberries. The last days were dedicated to whitefish, which we wrote about in one of our earlier posts when we had our first potatoes with pickled whitefish from last year.

Whitefish is not only good as pickled fish but also very tasty smoked. We prefer smoked whitefish to smoked perch as it's a fattier fish. Smoked perch is quite dry. In fact, the taste of smoked whitefish reminded us a bit of mackerel.

Smoked Whitefish
First we dry the fish, then cook it and afterwards smoke it.



Pickled Whitefish
Cut the filets in pieces, season and flour them

Frying prepared whitefish pieces over open fire

Fried whitefish filet pieces 
(Looks delicious, doesn't it?! Well, you may take a bite here... step missing for pickled fish!)

Preparing the vinegar pickle

Got hungry?

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