Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Canoeing on Hornavan

 We've had some lovely summer days lately. While people in mid-Europe, Germany moan about extreme heat (up to 40 degrees C) we enjoy temperatures around 20 degrees.

View North (Hornavan)

A couple of days ago we went canoeing on lake Hornavan, the deepest lake in Sweden with a depth of up to 221 m. We had some wonderful views over untamed wilderness of virgin forests and lovely shaped mountains on a at first glassy surface.

Brännberget (Hornavan)

After an hour or so a breeze sprung up. We took a break on a beautiful island and afterwards headed back to our point of departure.

On an island (Hornavan)

Meanwhile the breeze turned into a moderate wind and we had to paddle hard against the wind. Our canoe bobbing up and down in the water. Anne sitting in front, Svempa in the middle and Jan in the back of the canoe. More than once the waves crashed into the canoe and it was tough to keep Svempa on the bottom of the boat in order to prevent a tip over.

After two hours of hard paddling we were back on safe grounds.


Lady Fi said...

Wow / I love the fantastic shots. Such an untouched part of Sweden. Just beautiful!

Janne said...

Thank you very much. Yes, it really is an amazing landscape here. :)


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