Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hiking and Moose Poop

Another day out in the bush. It just feels so nice to pass anywhere again in the vast forests of Lapland after seven months of only snow and cold weather. So we try to be outside as much as possible and hike away our last winter fat reserves. ;-)

Our hiking day trips vary between 10-20km mostly. The terrain is partly hilly with a lot of trees, some svampland, sandy ground and small rocks.

Occasionally the rocks can be quite big though... like this one...

If we are lucky we see wildlife like a moose the other day but mostly it's just animal tracks and moose poop of which you find loads everywhere. Now this might sound a little disturbing but it actually looks a bit like Easter eggs, don't you think? ;-)


Heather said...

that's interesting...I think I saw some of these on my farm yesterday. I had no clue which animal they belonged to. what size are they?

Janne said...

Good question! I would guess 3cm max. Moose poop is brown whereas reindeer poop is black and a lot smaller - also called the black gold of Lapland. ;)


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